Image collection of the 5c w/o CONDOMINIUM (YT 58A, SG 32a) I saw in the last 15 years including the forgeries
--- You may want to find out which ones are not genuine -----


First prize:

I agree with Jeff: a 1920 surcharge on a stamp cancelled 19 NOV 10 surely earns the Gold Medal: The "5c" is not too bad: toe of the 5 too high and/or stop too low.
FORGERY           No.F12 forgery

No.F12 fake

Good too:

This project from the art lessons in an elementary school earns second prize I think.
FORGERY           No.F13 forgery

No.F13 fake

FORGERY           No.F14 forgery

No.F14 fake

And this one:
FORGERY           No.F15 forgery

No.F15 fake

Very dangerous:
FORGERY           No.F16 forgery

No.F16 fake

Computer print with cheap ink:
FORGERY           No.F17 forgery

No.F17 fake

Anothe Computer print with even cheaper ink offered in an U.S. auction 2018:
FORGERYNo.F18 forgery (new Jan 2018)

No.F18 fake


Top right stamp of the bottom pane (three made up a sheet) exist with the error "high stop". The following image shows this scarcity of which max. two can exist. (source unknown: it shows up in several internet archives).

If two sheets were overprinted then 6 millésimes can exist. Here's one of them.

(A) - nothing of the "0" is visible in the "c"


(B) - a tiny bit of the "0" is visible within the "c"


(C) - more of the "0" is visible within the "c" and stamp is badly centered. Normally the SG 58A are rather acceptally centered.
But watch out: When the stamp is badly centered it can rather likely a fake!


(D) - more of the "0" is visible within the "c" and stamp is rather well centered


(E) - most of the "0" is visible within the "c"


(F) - cancelled stamps and stamps with selvedges.

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