Image collection of the 5c w/o CONDOMINIUM (YT 58A, SG 32a) I saw in the last 15 years including the forgeries
--- You may want to find out which ones are not genuine -----


First prize:

I agree with Jeff: a 1920 surcharge on a stamp cancelled 19 NOV 10 surely earns the Gold Medal: The "5c" is not too bad: toe of the 5 too high and/or stop too low.
FORGERY           No.F10 forgery

No.F10 fake

Good too:

This project from the art lessons in an elementary school earns second prize I think.
FORGERY           No.F08 forgery

No.F08 fake

FORGERY           No.F03 forgery

No.F03 fake

And this one:
FORGERY           No.F06 forgery

No.F06 fake

Very dangerous:
FORGERY           No.F07 forgery

No.F07 fake


Top right stamp of the bottom pane (three made up a sheet) exist with the error "high stop". The following image shows this scarcity of which max. two can exist. (source unknown: it shows up in several internet archives).

If two sheets were overprinted then 6 millésimes can exist. Here's one of them.

(A) - nothing of the "0" is visible in the "c"


(B) - a tiny bit of the "0" is visible within the "c"


(C) - more of the "0" is visible within the "c" and stamp is badly centered. All SG 58A are rather acceptally centered. When the stamp is badly centered it is very likely a fake!


(D) - more of the "0" is visible within the "c" and stamp is rather well centered


(E) - most of the "0" is visible within the "c"


(F) - cancelled stamps and stamps with selvedges.

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