The 2897

The 2897 is a lick&stick stamp from a pane of 100.
This stamp has a big blue 1995 year date and a normal perforation 10.3 by 10.4. It exists with shiny gum and low gloss gum. Stamps printed by Stamp Venturers at J.W. Fergusson and Sons, Richmond, Virginia.
This sheet version of the FoP was issued at 19 May 1995.
the 2897
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Shiny - low gloss gum
Here is an example for the different gum types of 2897: info about gum types thanks to
Scott Hoppis, Phoenix, AZ.
Plate number
Position Blocks

The 2897 came with two
plate numbers:
S11111 and S22222.
Place mouse cursor on
picture to see other block.
A complete sheet of the 2897 the 2897 sheet
Mouse cursor on picture = blowup.

The pane stamps are not distinguishable from the stamps from these MDI (Minnesota Diversified Industries) booklets for vending machines as the booklets were made by parts of the pane. The booklet exists "Item #3673X".
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