The 2915C

The 2915C is a self adhesive stamp
from coils of 100.
This stamp has a red 1996 year date and a die cut perforation on the left and right side 10.9. The currently known plate numbers are 55555 (bigger numbers than the 55555 on the 2915A), the 55555 comes with the die cut combination left: 12 peaks / right: 12 peaks. The 66666 has the combinations 11/12 and 12/12 and 12/11. Only few of the plate number pieces of the 12/11 are known.
Two used singles of plate number 88888 11/12 are known too.
Strips of the 55555 are known where one 5 is placed on the stamp left of the one with the other "5555"'s. One sold for nearly $6000 at an auction in 2004.

the 2915C
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2915CALL 11/12


Normally, the self adhesive gum is applied in a complete thin layer on the back of the stamp. When I soaked some hundreds of the 2915C I found two stamps like this 12/12 VP: The gum has been applied in small diagonal stripes. I do not know why this was done (just an experiment?). Stripgum

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