The 2915D

The 2915D is a self adhesive coil stamp
from coils of 3,000.
This stamp has a red 1997 year date and a die cut perforation on the left and the right side 9.8. The stamp can have two different die cuts. Printed by BEP it was issued affixed on a liner with gaps between the stamps, with cyan backnumbers on backing paper behind every 20st stamp. First issued at 24 January 1997. Only one plate number exists: 11111 on every 21st stamp.


the 2915D
Cursor on picture = blow-up.  

2915D pair

These are the two varieties of 2915D:
at left vv/pp or 9/10, at right pv/vp or 10/10.

2915D 1strip of five

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