The 2920b

The 2920b is a single selfadhesive stamp from the convertible booklet of 20 2920c.

This stamp has a small blue 1995 year date and a die cut perforation 8.8. First day of issue 18 April 1995, printed by Avery-Dennison. The booklet has no divots at the corners, label without bulls-eye die cutting and "Stamps Worth Saving" backing. It exists with two different liner backings: The text
"* Self-Adhesive / Do Not Wet" runs in an 45° angle from bottom left to top right (Type C45) or inverted from top right to bottom left (Type D45).
It was issued only in conv. booklets with the pane plate number V11111.

the 2920b
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Convertible booklet of 20 V11111 2920c
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