The 2920D

The 2920D is a self adhesive single stamp from the pane of 10 2920e.

This stamp has a blue 1996 year date and a die cut perforation on three sides 11.3 (top and bottom, left or right). Printed by Avery Dennison, first day of issue 20 January 1996.

the 2920d
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The plate numbers of this pane are:
V11111,    V12111,    V23222,    V31121,    V32111,    V32121,    V44322,    V44333,    V44444,    V55555,    V66666,    V66886,    V67886,    V68886,    V68896,    V76989,    V77666,    V77668,    V77766,    V77776,    V78698,    V78886,    V78896,    V78898,    V78986,    V78989,    V89999

For more information about the three different liners and the divots in the die cut please see Alan Malakoff's Catalog.


Differences in the die cut: divots
2920d no divots 2920d with divots

And here's how the divots were made: when applying the die cut, a dorn pushed deep into the corners and made a hole even into the backing paper.
divots divots

Singles from a pane
without divots
Singles from a pane
with divots
all 2920D's without divots all 2920D's with divots

These are the four stamps of 2920D
two from a pane without
all 2920D's without divots
all 2920D's with divots
..... and two from a pane with divots.

Sometimes crippled (omitted pixels) dates suggest a rarity with an other year date.
2920D bad year 2920D bad year

Convertible booklet of 10 2920e
CB 10 CB 10 CB 10

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