The 2921 var 1996

The 2921 is a self adhesive stamp from a pane of 10 - 2921a var 1996. This 1996 variety of 2921 was issued only in booklets of 20 (2 panes of 10) and unfolded panes. First day of issue was 21 May 1996. Printed by BEP. It has a red 1996 year date and a die cut perforation on two adjacent or three sides 9.8.

the 2921
Cursor on picture = blowup.  

The plate numbers of the booklet:
11111,    13111,    21221,    22221,    22222,    44434,    44444,    55555,    55556,    66666,    77777,    88788,    88888,    99999.

The unfolded pane comes with three plate numbers: 21221,    22221,   22222.

For details concerning the different cover types, the different rouletting on the removable center strip ( 5 1/4 or 8 3/4 per 2cm length) and the Plate Positions please see Alan Malakoff's Catalog.

2921 var 1996 die crossings
There are two different layouts of the die cut crossings, so this makes three together with the divots. The die cut valleys are broadened in the region of the crossing. I suppose to take the tension between the stamps away so they won't lift off each other. It seems like this method comes with the higher plate numbers.

Valley / Peak 2921 (1996) starts with valley Valley / Peak
Peak / Valley 2921 (1996) starts with peak Peak / Valley
These are the eight different stamps of 2921 (1996).
Two sets of four possible die cut positions, starting horizontally
with a valley or a peak at the left upper corner of the stamp.

There exist three different outsides and three different insides on the covers of these books. The second picture shows the code error "15645 16656" which exists with plate number 13111. The third picture shows the cover with information on the Marrow Foundation. It has a small "© USPS 1994" inscription at the inside top, the others have "© copyright United States Postal Service 1994":

Dec. 2002: plate number 44434 exists with the 16656 error too. Information thanks to Doug Iams.

Three inside varieties exist with "Grand Rapids", "Memphis" and "Grand Rapids" with a bold word "free" information. The last picture shows an unfolded pane.

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