Covers with GVI Definitives

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Gizo 1 February 1939
[39FE01] - "Barakoma" coll.

Gizo 1 February 1939
[39FE01a] - "Tikopia" coll.

Tulagi 14 March 1939
[39MR14] - "Tikopia" coll.

Local Gizo First Day Cover with the complete set (less the 10/- stamp) of the 1939 definitives. Leslie F. Gill was settler on Roviana Island near Munda, Joroveto on Vella Lavella in 1941 and reported active from 1912, was collaborator of the "Melanesian Pidgin Phrase-Book and Vocabulary" of the Linguistic Society of America, 1943. ("Barakoma" collection)


Gizo First Day Cover to Dunedin, NZ. ("Tikopia" collection)


This cover looks like a First Day Cover but it is not: cancelled 14 March 1939 to Perth, Austrlaia. ("Tikopia" collection)



Lunga 20 October (1943)
[43OC20] - "Tikopia" coll.

Lunga xx October 1943
[43OCxx] - "Tikopia" coll.

Lunga 5 February 1944
[44FE05] - "Tikopia" coll.

Lunga local cover. The cancel tells "20 OCT", year slug not legible. As the date is 3.5 mm high (not 3 mm), and the oval has the correct size and is not of the suspicious dates 27 July 43, 1 August 43 or 13 March 44 it should be genuine. As this Vernon type 13 cancel was used only between 17 July 1943 and 17 November 1943 this cover should be from 1943. ("Tikopia" collection)


Oct. 1943, 1 1/2d KGVI definitive on local used cover with oval rubber handstamp 'LUNGA / -- OCT 1943 / BRITISH / SOLOMON IDS' to Guadalcanal, black 'PASSED BY CENSOR 2'. Schmuelling, a Cincinnati architect, served with the U.S. Navy Seabees on Guadalcanal from 1942. ("Tikopia" collection)


5.2.1944, 2/6d bird single use on local cover. ("Tikopia" collection)



Tulagi 27 March 1944
[44MR27] - "Tikopia" coll.

Lunga 9 August 1944
[44AU09] - "Tikopia" coll.

Lunga 21 August 1944
[44AU21] - "Tikopia" coll.

27.3.1944, 2/6d bird single use on cover within Tulagi with 'PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR (initials)' marking. ("Tikopia" collection)


Lunga local cover with the complete set less the 4½d stamp cancelled Lungs -9AU44. ("Tikopia" collection)


Local cover with a 2/6 stamp cancelled Lunga (Vella Lavella Island) to Kolambangara Island. Dr. Albert Meisenbach Jr. was stationed at the base hospital at Sheppard Field, Wichita Falls, Texas, before his deployment in mid-summer 1942 as flight surgeon for a photo reconnaissance outfit stationed in the Southwest Pacific combat zone. (Info: Amazon) ("Tikopia" collection)



Lunga 5 June 1945
[45JN05] - "Tikopia" coll.

Auki 10 August 1946
[46AU10] - "Tikopia" coll.

Auki 30 January 1948
[48JA30] - "Tikopia" coll.

Registered Baldwin cover from Lunga to Auckland cancelled Lunga. ("Tikopia" collection)


Registered Baldwin cover from Auki to Sydney with 1/- KGVI. "Sydney 106" arrival pmk. ??OC46 on reverse. ("Tikopia" collection)


Registered Baldwin cover from Auki to Sydney with 2/- KGVI. Backstamped Honiara 11 Feb 1948 in transit, Sydney arrival 3-MR48, and another Sydney cancel 11 March 1948 on reverse. ("Tikopia" collection)



Tulagi 5 June 1947
[47JN05] - "Tikopia" coll.

Munda 9 July 1948
[48JY09] - "Tikopia" coll.

Picture cover from Tulagi to Buka Passage, New Guinea. ("Tikopia" collection)


The 10/- stamp on an Air Mail letter from Munda to England. Roger Wells was later a prominent member of the Pacific Island Study Circle and Chairman for many years. A second impression of the cancel on reverse together with SYDNAY AIR -8AU48 cds. The 10/- didn't help much on the way to Sydney! ("Tikopia" collection)