Covers with Large Canoes & used stamps
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1d postcard rate cancelled with circular datestamp BRITISH SOLOMAN ISLANDS AOLA FE 19 1909,
one year after the Post Office opened.
Dates: 4 November 1908, 19 February 1909, 1 August 1909 and 11 October 1909.
AOLA P.O. closed in June 1919. This postmark is recorded from 30 October 1908 to 5 May 1914.
Oval rubber datestamp L.P.P.L. GAVUTU, briefly used before official circular datestamp. 10 NOV 1907 is the only recorded date from the few examples known.
Circular datestamp BRITISH SOLOMON ILSLANDS GAVUTU. Recorded JA 11 08 to AP 8 14.
It had various date combinations and was struck with black, violet or blue ink.
Gavutu is a small island off the coast of Florida island. The headquarters of Levers Pacific Plantations Ltd. on the island were used for repatriating labourers sent back to the Solomon Islands from Queensland, commencing in 1906. The Post Offics opened in late 1907 and closed in 1914.
Registered letter to Austria. I suppose that in the BSI the registration fee was 2½d. as in the New Hebrides so 3d were the required amount for this letter to Graz, Austria. It was registered in transit in Tulagi, backstamped SYDNEY JA 21 09 and Graz 28.?I.09 - the canceller is damaged where the (roman) month should be. This could be 28.II.09 (a bit too fast) or 28.III.09 or 28.VI.09. The Post Office at GIZO opened in January 1908.
SKF 175 - Registered cover from Shortland Islands to Matupi, German New Guinea. Circular datestamp BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS SHORTLANDS 08 SE 16. Transit mark TULAGI - BRITISH SOLOMON IDs OC 1 08. Registered at Tulagi.
The Shortland Islands are a group to the north-west of New Georgia. The Post Office opened on Faisi in July 1908
and the first postmark was used from 16 September 1908 to 13 August 1914.
Cancel type 7a - the "0" of "08" seems to be broken at the right side.
Similar to SKF 188/189 - Registered cover from Shortland Islands to Matupi, German New Guinea. Circular datestamp BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS SHORTLANDS 08 DE 5. Registration Ms "937".
Backstamped Simpsonshafen c.d.s. 20/12/08. Flap imprinted "HERNSHEIM & CO., / MATUPI, / B.A.

Tikopia collection

2d rate to London. 2d imperial rate to Sydney. Circular datestamp TULAGI - BRITISH SOLOMON IDs 17 OC 1907. Ex Gizo, see imprint on reverse. This cover was sent by Captain Middenway, the district officer at Gizo. The main road at Gizo carries his name today - Middenway Road.

1907, 14 October - SKF 102 - Image thanks to Harmers of London auction catalogue, 15 October 1985

The complete Large Canoe set registered to Sydney. Straight line handstamp "REGISTERED", backstamped Sydney registered. Flap embossed in blue "GOVERNMENT RESIDENCE / TULAGI / BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS".

14 October 1907 [ SKF 102 ]


"Set" cover to Sydney, Pacific Phosphate Co., Vice Chairman John T. Arundel.

[ SKF 102 ]

2d rate to London. Circular datestamp TULAGI - BRITISH SOLOMON IDs FE 20 1908.
Backstamped SYDNEY MAR 2 08 and LONDON APL 13 08.
2½ foreign rate to France. Circular datestamp TULAGI - BRITISH SOLOMON IDs AU 25 1908.
Backstamped SYDNEY SP 7 08 and NANTES 11.10.08.
1d postcard rate to all countries. Balmain was the location of the "Messrs. Lever Bros." factory. which produced soap there from 1895 until 1988. They owned the S.S. UPOLU. In 1902 they incorporated the "Lever's Pacific Plantations Ltd." in London and succeeded in securing a 99 year lease from the British Government of 51,000 acres in the Solomon Islands. (source: George Beckford, "Persistent Poverty", 1972). They bought this ship on 27 Nov, 1903 from the Union Steamship Co. in Sydney. This ship of 1141 tons provided a six weekly service from Sydney to Solomon Islands ports and plantations 1903 - 1911.
Postcard to Denmark, 1d rate. The sender complains "Mail is only once a month". Circular datestamp SYDNEY 1, MY 25 08, sent to Kolding and redirected to Aarhus. Cancelled Kolding 28.6.(08) - a real fast journey.

1908, 28 June - SKF 160 - Image thanks to Christies AU Melbourne auction catalogue, 26 October 1995

28 June 1908 [ SKF 160 ]


½D to 1/- set of seven on 17 June 1908 envelope registered to Queensland, all cancelled on arrival at Mackay on 28 June 1908 and showing Brisbane transit on reverse. In 1995 sold for 650 A$.

[ SKF 160 ]