Types of the Large Canoe Issue

The lithographic printing process, coupled with the inexperience of the printer, produced an issue of stamps with many plate position dependent differences. As described in Production of the Issue, the transfer stones used in making the printing plates had three images in the case of the ½d and 2½d and six images in the case of the 1d, 2d, 5d, 6d, and 1/-. Each position on the transfer stone can be identified by the presence of constant, position-dependent flaws. Further, even lesser flaws, which are produced as part of the lithographic printing process, make it possible to identify the absolute plate position of most stamps.

The links below contain descriptions of the major flaws that permit the transfer stone positions of stamps to be identified. The descriptions are taken from Gisburn. Nearly all type charactristics are shown here - many thanks to "Aore" for his help!



1sh Type 3

 One Penny







 One Shilling