Covers and Stamps with Small Canoe Stamps and the "Upolu" Mark
Images by courtesy of "Aore" collection
(added in August 2008 by R.K.)

Lever's Pacific Plantations Ltd bought SS "Upolu" on 23 February 1904 from the Union Steam Ship Co. to service their copra leases in the Solomon Islands. The registered tonnage of this ship was only 700t. She was sold 14 December 1911 to the Brisbane Milling Company, as Levers had bought a larger ship for their plantations - SS "Kulambangra".


Lever's Steam Ship "Upolu" (image thanks to "Aore" collection)

2d rate to Australia. S.S. UPOLU in blue. Cancelled on arrival SYDNEY JY 11 10.


2d British Empire rate to Papua. Backstamped SYDNEY OC.1.10 and PORT MORESBY PAPUA 15 OCT 10.


Image: "Tikopia" coll.