New Hebrides - 1903 - SFNH Private Local Post
Syndicat Français des Nouvelles Hébrides" (SFNH)- Interisland Postage Stamps

Some information about the SFdNH stamps: Journal des Philatélistes, 31 December 1908
Document thanks to "SeSi", France



Journal NH

July 1902

The Journal which Morache (Vila) and Labreaux (Noumes) edited.

Morache article

22 September 1902

An article Morache wrote in "Le Journal des Nouvelles-Hebrides" about the upcoming issue of these "stamps".

Arthur Maury 1903
(new 4/2020)

Arthur Maury's announcement of this local issue in "Le collectionneur de timbres-poste" in December 1903

Morache offer

about 1905

A "stamp" offer of Morache in a Paris stamp journal.

Here are some comments on this issue documented in the French stamp journal La Circulaire Philatélique" (La C.P.) in 1909. English translation only by Google as I'm short on time....
Source 1 - March 1909
Source 2 - June 1909
Source 3 - July 1909
Source 4 - October 1909
Documents thanks to
Gallica - France


"...In September, 1903, the Syndicat Français des Nouvelles Hébrides reestablished an inter-island postal system on similar lines to that previously maintained by the old Australasian New Hebrides Company. In connection with this service they caused to be issued four values of adhesive postage stamps, embodying two separate pictorial designs. They were of an even more restricted availability than the first local stamps of the British firm, and could be used only upon mail matter conveyed on board of the Company's vessels between any two points within the group itself, and were not accepted even by the post office at Nouméa, which taxed as unpaid all correspondence franked solely with these stamps. It was announced that the proceeds of the sale of these stamps would be devoted to the maintenance and improvement of the postal service of the group...

Apparently, the postal authorities at Nouméa regarded the issuance of these stamps as an infringement of their rights, for, after they had been in circulation for slightly over one month, they were suppressed by order of the Governor of New Caledonia, and the existing stocks confiscated.

It has been freely asserted in Continental journals that these stamps were entirely of a bogus nature, and were never nearer to the New Hebrides than Nouméa. The facts of the case, as I have been able to obtain them, are, however, as above."

from: New Hebrides by Single CA. (D.B. Armstrong), The Postage Stamps Handbooks
edited by Fred. J. Melville, W. H. Peckitt, 47 Strand, WC, London, (about 1909)


Hubert Goron, who supported these New Hebrides pages very generously, said the following: "The Syndicat Français Locals were printed in France by order of Mr. Laubreaux, an editor in Nouméa. He was the printer of the "Journal des Nelles Hébrides". Mr. Émile Morache was the representative of SFNH in Vate (Vila) and the owner of the newspaper Mr. Laubreaux printed. The connection between the paper and the company does not 'lie in the mist' as Colas says."

The number of copies printed is unknown.


 Original artist's drawing in indian ink


 Comparison with issued design:


 The SFNH stamps as issued


 And here you can enjoy some multiples from the Treadwell collection.


The 5c, 15c and 25c stamps are cancelled in the correct time in September 1903 when usage was possible. The following dates are known to us:
31 AUG 03 --- 8 SEPT 03 --- 15 SEPT 03 --- 17 SEPT 03 --- 26 SEPT 03
and outside the correct time: 18 OCT 03.


GK Type PU6: The "Port Havannah" cancel, very scarcely used on SFNH locals. The history of this cancel is unknown. As it was seldom used and later never again: could it have gone down with a ship maybe? In our cancel study (Goyns-Klinger) it is classified as unauthorized postmark PU6.

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