The 2920 (MDI booklets)

The 2920 is a self adhesive stamp from a convertible booklet of 20 2920a or from a MDI (Minnesota Diversified Industries) booklet of 15 or 30 (BK 226A and BK 226B and the bklt. of 30 BK 227).
The books of 15 first type were made of 15 stamps plus label and the books of the second type were made of 16 stamps where one stamp was removed.

The stamps from the MDI booklets have a big blue 1995 year date too and a die cut perforation on two adjacent or three or sides 8.8. No four sided die cut stamps here because the booklet shetles have two rows only. First day of issue 18 April 1995, printed by Avery-Dennison.


the 2920
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This is the difference between CB
(convertible booklet) stamps and the
MDI (Minnesota Diversified Industries) booklets
CB stamps start and end with a "Valley"
at top, MDI's with a "Peak". There should not exist four sided die cut stamps whith the top row starting and ending with a peak as a consequence.
See CB page

The MDI (vending machine) rigged up booklets:

As far as I know, the panes of 20 occur with or without divots, the MDI booklets come with divots. To me it seems that the stamps from the panes of 20 can be distinguished from those from the MDI booklets by the sequence of valleys and peaks in the die cut.
The pane stamps start with a valley at the top left corner of the horizontal die cut and end with a valley, the MDI stamps start and end with a peak. All other sides corresponding.

MDI booklets come
with Divots only!
MDI booklet
Die cut MDI booklet
with divot

All stamps from a MDI booklet
all stamps of a MDI booklet

The MDI booklets for vending machines were sold with 30 stamps (9.60 $) and 15 stamps (4.80 $), the booklets were handmade from the CB panes.

The booklets of 15 exist with "Item No. 3633X","Item #3633X", "Item No. 3633" and "Item No. #3633".

The booklets of 30 exist with "Item No. 3634", "Item No. 3634X" and "Item No. #3634X".

Dec. 11, 2002: Thanks, Doug Iams, for much information here.

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