Solomon Islands Stamps (ex
IMPORTANT: This site was made by Charles B. (Charlie) Miller of San Jose , CAL. about 15 years ago and disappeared some nine or ten years ago. I found out on the internet that Charlie died of cancer on Jan 18, 2007. But the site is too good to vanish so I'm hosting it and will continue it.
Charlie, I hope you can agree with my decision to bring it up again! Roland Klinger.

This website is dedicated to the stamps and postal history of the British Solomon Islands. It is also very much under construction and is expected to remain so for many years to come. Please bookmark this page and keep track of the progress made in creating an "internet" album for this most interesting area.

You are welcome to participate. If you have interesting scans or information or suggestions  that you believe would add to the value of this site, please send them to the webmaster.

The original - site of Charlie Miller had been named a FIP 3 Star Site in the 2000 web competition and had won a Gold Medal at Midaphil2000. Click on the icons below for information and a list of other winners.


Many thanks to Neil Donen for information supplied on the George V Silver Jubilee Issue. See his site here.

Read the fascinating story of Madame Joseph and the forged cancellations of British Solomon Islands stamps. Thanks to John Ray of The Pacific Islands Study Circle for pointing this out.

Also, be sure to see "Woodford's Large Canoe Adhesive Stamp Design", a terrific article by Don Franks in the April 2000 issue (p. 82) of PACIFICA, the quarterly issued by the Pacific Islands Study Circle PISC.


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