From the 1956 Showroom Album:
Briefkopf Oldsmobile in 1956



all the flow of fluid.....all the go of gears

Parking position locks the rear wheels.

Neutral disconnects engine from drive.

Drive is used for all normal driving.

Super is geared for super performance.

Low is for hard pulling, engine braking.

Reverse is next to Low for rocking car.

So powerfully smooth, Oldsmobile's new Jetaway Hydra-Matic Drive retains all of the firm, geared-to-the-road advantages which have made Hydra-Matic the most popular and most efficient of all automatic transmissions. Its remarkable new smoothness is accomplished through an entirely new principle in power application - two fluid-cushioned control couplings blend gear ratios and give silk-smooth performance from start to top speed. Jetaway Hydra-Matic is so responsive that it seems to read your mind - wherever you ask for extra performance, even with the slightest nudge on the throttle, it automatically selects and smoothly changes to the ideal gear ratio. No other type of automatic transmission is so efficient, delivers so much of the engine power to the rear wheels, as Oldsmobile's Jetaway Hydra-Matic Drive. When you have the urge to get away from it'll find an eager companion in the new Oldsmobile Jetaway.


Ahead to EVERY WAY

Rocketing Buyer Preference

More and more motorists have been chosing Oldsmobile - the number of owners has more than doubled in the past eight years. In percent of industry, the one true gauge of buyer preference, Oldsmobile has gained substantially over other makes. By the end of 1956, over four million Oldsmobiles will be on the highways - a great tribute to a great automobile.

Solid Owner Loyalty

According to a nation-wide survey, nearly all Oldsmobile owners expressed their satisfaction by saying their next car would be another Oldsmobile. They are grater in proportion than the owners of any other car exept the recognized leader of the highest-price class. To honor these owners and assure them preferential treatment, the Rocket Circle has been formed.

Rapidly Expanding Plant Facilities

To keep pace with public demand, Oldsmobile has just launched the greatest plant expansion in its history. These new facilities represent the latest developments in precision manufacturing techniques and provide higher standards of quality control. Combined with the traditional skill of Oldsmobile craftsmen, these new facilities assure you the finest in motorcar values.

Advanced Service Training Schools

Through a nation-wide network of service training schools, Oldsmobile dealer mechanics periodically receive up-to-the-minute specialized training in factory-approved service methods. And Oldsmobile's Safety-Maintenance Service Schedule keeps your car operating at peak performance and economy, protects you from needless service expense and inconvenience.

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