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Many thanks to all the collectors worldwide who gave me scans and information from their New Hebrides collection!



Jacques Mérot Franceno email anymore
Martin Treadwell New
Stan Jersey USAno email anymore
John Yeomans Great Britainno email anymore
Dudley Priester
Ed Grabowski USA(c/o Roland)
Sheryll Ruecker
Frédéric Petit
Alain MilletFrance(c/o Roland)
Jeff BlincoAustralia(c/o Roland)
"Mele"Great Britain(c/o Roland)
Hubert Goron Australiano email anymore
"Aore"Australia(c/o Roland)
Allan Gory
"Namba 2" Great Britainno email anymore
Malcolm Goyns Great Britain(c/o Roland)
"RMD" Great Britainno email anymore
"JGI" Great Britainno email anymore
"DEG"USA(c/o Roland)
"FA Noumea"New Caledonia(c/o Roland)
Christian ObertoFrance(c/o Roland)
"SeSi"France(c/o Roland)
"CSO"Great Britain(c/o Roland)
"RW"Switzerland(c/o Roland)
Benoît LebourcqFrance(c/o Roland)
Clemens AlbertGermany(c/o Roland)
Roland Klinger
Frédéric Petit is now the owner of Jacques Mérot's collection.

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