The Postage Stamps and Postal History of the New Hebrides 1842 - 1980



Joint British and French administration of the group was an inevitable consequence of the mixed settlement of the islands during the mid 19th century. It took shape first by way of a Joint Naval Commission from 1886 and then by the establishment of the Condominium government twenty-two years later, in 1908.
Neither power really wanted the group (nor wanted the other to have it), yet ultimately, neither could ignore the increasing demands of their own settlers for lawful authority and administration.
This Internet site chronicles the development of the postal service in the group.

The first Condominium Post Office building Vila (Treadwell coll.)

Post Office in 1974, photo by Jacques Merot (†)

Starting with the mid 19th century missionary period, through the 1893 Military Franchise essays, the Australasian New Hebrides Company and the Syndicat Français locals around the turn of the century, the New South Wales and New Caledonia Postal Agencies, the first provisional issues of the new Condominium Post Office in 1908.
From the first the first definitive sets, the first commemorative issues in the mid 1950's to the last issue in February 1980: all stamps and many many items of postal history are depicted right up to the end of the New Hebrides Condominium. The country gained its independence as "Vanuatu" on 30 July, 1980.

I visited Vanuatu in 2003 and 2006 accompanied by my friend Martin Treadwell, Auckland.
During the first visit there this photo was taken.



Vanuatu Post can be visited on the internet : Vanuatu Post

Vanuatu Post Office building Vila 2003

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