The 2915A

The 2915A is a self adhesive coil stamp from
coils of 100.
This stamp has a red 1996 year date and a die cut perforation on the left and right side 9.8 (10 or 11 peaks)
Strips of the PN 99999 are known where the right brown 9 is placed on the stamp right of the one with the other "9999"'s.

the 2915A
Cursor on picture = blow-up.  

All positions of 2915A
Part 1 : Old Die Cut (clean cut or die cut with small horizontal microcuts), pictures of die cut at The normal PN coils..
10/10 P/V 11/10 10/11
Thanks Jim for the picture of the 88898 10/11!

All stamps of 2915A
Part 2 : New Die Cut (clean cut with small "paper bridges"), pictures of those bridges at
The "A" Coils.
10/10 P/V 10/10 V/P

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