The 2915A Self Adhesive Coil Stamps
"A" Plate Numbers

These stamps come with a lot of differences in die cut and plate numbers. On this page I show the plate number and die cut information for the FoPs with "A" plate numbers, i.e. five numbers and then the character "A".

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the 2915A
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Plate numbers and die cut
10-10 MPERF2.jpg 10-10-2 DCBRIDG1.jpg 10-11 DCBRIDG1.jpg
The 10/10 valley/peak die cut is NOT just the left-right inversion of the old 10/10 peak/valley but a completely new one. Instead of the fine multi slicing in the die cut it has a smooth cut with five paper connection bridges around a peak on the left side and four around a peak and one in the valley on the right side.
left: peak/valley
right: valley/peak
10/10 peaks slices
left: peak/valley
right: valley/peak
10/10 peaks paper bridges
left: valley/peak
right: peak/valley
10/10 peaks paper bridges
11111AA -- --
13211AA -- --
13231AA -- 13231AA
13311AA -- --
22222AA -- 22222AAV
33333AA -- --
44444AA -- 44444AAV
55555AA -- 55555AAV
66666AA -- 66666AA2
77777AA0 77777AA1 77777AA2
78777AA0 78777AA1 --
88888AA0 88888AA1 --

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