The Large Canoe Issue - Issued on 14 February 1907

The Large Canoe Issue of 1907 is one of the most interesting in all of Philately. It has everything--several types for every value, plating opportunities, rare perforation errors, unauthorized reprints, and forgeries (even a forged cancellation from an imaginary location). There is so much meat here that many collectors have formed specialized collections of this issue, and detailed studies are frequently offered at auction. This section describes the history and production of the Large Canoes, and will give you all the information you need to explore the many varieties of this exciting issue.



 Unauthorized Reprints     (Sept 08 RK)





 Types of the Stamps

 Post Offices, Cancellations, and Usage


 Perforation and Perf Errors     (May 2018 RK)

 This Issue and Usage prior to U.P.U. Membership     (Dec 08 RK)


 More covers with this Issue     (March 11 RK)