The Small Canoe Issue - Issued on 1 November 1908

The Large Canoe issue proved successful enough that the Colonial Office agreed to the provision of a new, permanent issue. This new issue, called the Small Canoe Issue by philatelists, conformed to the color scheme adopted by the Universal Postal Union to which the Protectorate had been admitted on September 3, 1907. The design was a reduced-size version of the original issue, expertly produced under contract to the Crown Agents by Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd. (Gisburn.)

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 Post Offices, Cancellations, and Usage


 Printing History and Quantities

 Ship mark S.S. Upolu      (Sept 08 RK)


 Proofs, Flaws, and Specimens

 Covers with this Issue     (Dec 09 RK)